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Aidhedge Services

Use Aidhedge to understand how currency rates affect a project, and stay updated on critical events. Reduce transaction risk and budget uncertainty. Ensure that transactions and budgets are managed with minimal costs and high financial predictability.


Better rates 4 %


Optimized interest 4 %


Improved budget 10 %

A powerful set of services

AidHedge’s financial algorithms mean better transfers and less leakage on the way to where it’s needed. We makes sure transactions are made at the best rates with the lowest fees.


Excessive transactions costs mean less resources available for the intended activities. It is just a plain waste of funds. AidHedhe lets you benchmark fees and spreads, comparing them to all options available in the market.


Take advantage of the most profitable interest rates in your different countries of operation. Interest rates can vary substantially between countries, and we help you ensure that you keep your funds in the most advantageous place.

Project and portfolio analysis

Multiple donors, several projects or activities in more than one country? AidHedge help you analyse and visualise your budgets and transaction flows, to ensure you have the information av overview you need.

Financial services

We help you make sure your financial services are the best in the market. Through an array of financial partners and with our in-house services we provide you with the best solutions for transactions, risk management and innovative financing.

Exchange rate risk

When multiple currencies are involved in funding or costs, exchange rates create financial risk. Unpredictable funding affects implementation, and this should be a thing of the past. We show how risk develops, and give you options for managing risk. Take control of your budget and increase your effectiveness through predictable funding.


Understand if and how your budget is exposed to different economies. Inflation can quickly affect funding or costs if funds are not managed correctly. We ensure you have all the data at hand to understand your risk, and the tools you need to de-risk your budget.

Donor requirements

Implementing organisations should focus on their objective and maximise the impact, and not spend unneccesary resources on double-checking that donor requirements are fulfilled. We keep track of donor requirements for you to minimise the administrative work and help you ensure compliance.

Burn rates

Ensuring a stable spending rate is often a key component in donor-funded activities. This is made difficult working in highly unpredictable contexts. We help you keep track of your spending, and also make sure you have a continuous understanding of how financial fluctuations affect your budget.


Both financial and donor reporting made easy. All your data can be exported in a wide number of formats. And we are continually adding reporting formats, so just let us know if there is a financial, donor or partner format you need.

National regulation

Keeping track of national regulations in several countries creates an administrative cost. AidHedge together with reg-tech partners provide you with smart services that minimise both the administrative strain and the compliance risks.


Project life cycle

Our solutions and services provide benefits throughout the project lifecycle. No matter if it's a development activity or an investment in green or social projects, we work alongside you to ensure a maximized resource impact along the way.


Report analysis establishing best practices for project financial management. Focus is on maximising budget and minimizing financial risk and administrative costs.
Project review
Understand the project objective, workplan and consortium.
Budget analysis
Analyse funding/costs, currencies and partners. For each, calculate financial risk exposures.
Donor requirements
Establish donor requirements that affect financial management and reporting.
Transaction analysis
Benchmark transaction prices and risk management. Establish best practices (for all partners).
Interest rates & inflation
Ensure that project has established maximum interest on unused funds and a minimum inflation exposure.

The platform


The platform

The AidHedge platform provides a continuous analysis of one or more projects, ensuring updated data on financial risk, transactions, budget, etc. The service also provides automatic reports in different formats (donor/organisation/audit)

  • Project budget tools

    Easily build av visualise complex budgets covering multiple countries, currencies, partners and different donors.

  • Financial risk analysis

    Automated risk analysis covering exchange rates for one or multiple currencies as well as inflation. Get access to up-to-date recommendations on risk management.

  • Financial benchmarks

    Ensure efficient costs and rates in your financial management. We cover international transactions, exchange rates and interest.

  • Donor/Investor compliance

    Make sure you cover all project requirements, with a minimum of administration.

  • Automated financial reports

    Get the reports you need directly from us, in the formats you need.

  • Continous budget tracking

    We continuously follow changes in the markets and will let you know if you should take action.

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