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Aidhedge Partnerships

Development organisation, donor or investor? We work to improve all types of financial transactions in global development and foreign aid. Our core services can be directly adopted in a wide variety of cases, and we provide tailor made solutions to ensure we cover the rest. Every dollar should make a maximal impact.


Aid and development organisations

The time when funding for foreign aid and sustainable development was lost in expensive transaction and un-managed financial risks is over.

Our mission is to get more funding to the recipient through better transfers and by informing the community about financial efficiency. Aidhedge generates up-to-date analyses of your budget, incoming funds and costs. Algorithms detect inefficiencies by benchmarking with market leaders. And we help you identify all financial uncertainties, and show you how you can manage them.
Having optimized your budget, and managed your risks, we help you to ensure you comply with donor requirements and national regulation – at minimal administrative costs. We can tailor the reporting in our system, or if preferred integrate directly into your financial or project management systems.

AidHedge for donors

We provide advisory on innovative financial solutions and best practices - making your funding more predictable, and more effective.

Our vision is effective aid and sustainable development funding, where every dollar makes an impact. Many of our users rely on funding from an international or local donor. Though AidHedge, donors can contribute towards results and impact from implementing partners.
AidHedge provide project and portfolio analysis solutions that are designed to be directly integrated into a funding process. Use our tools to understand the costs and financial risks involved when funding an organisation or project. This can be easily intregrated into an existing risk assessments processes. And we also provide direct assistance with assessing partner organisations risk management readiness.
We understand that there is a need for funding requirements. But we also know that many partner organisations use way too much of their resources reporting and ensuring compliance. We are committed to assisting them in lowering the administrative cost. Donors can contribute by ensuring that their partners have access to updated reporting toolkits for their specific requirements."

Financial institution partnerships

Ensure a maxium impact and return on your investments in green or social projects.

Investors funding green, social or impact projects are having a hard time finding investment opportunities in developing countries. Almost no sustainable investments are done in emerging markets. Many companies and organizations have projects that could be substantially increased with proper funding, but lack the financial know-how to manage risks. Providing readily available tools and guides for risk management enable substantial new investments in sustainable projects in developing countries.
It is clear that developing countries are crucial in our efforts for sustainable development. They represent a majority of the world's population and are often especially vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change. With growing populations and low technological standards many developing countries are especially relevant for green projects. Local funding is however often completely non-existent and few projects are funded.
We provide advisory and services that enables existing and new actors to be eligable for investments.