Our targets

Risk reduction

Currency risk affect a lot of aid projects as currency rates fluctuate during the duration of the project. Managing currency risk does not have to be too complicated, and we provide the insights and tools that help. Click here!

Lower exchange costs

Most aid flows over national borders, and involves one or more currency exchanges. Expensive rates means a smaller aid budget. We will provide organisations with a tool to benchmark the rates they get, and advice on how to lower them.



Make sure you have the funds in your budget

Many aid organisations work in fragile contexts, full of risks to the completion of the projects. One such risk is that funds are lost due to currency rate fluctuations. Learn more


Get the aid you fund, and more

Unhandled risk, or bad currency exchanges, can result in aid not being realised as planned. That is not the effective aid donors strive for when funding projects. Learn more

Financial institutions

A key partner for effective aid

Financial institutions enable the transactions that move aid from donor to aid organisation. With their expertise, they can make an impact for more effective aid. Learn more

From the blog

The new report up close (part 1) - executive summary

This blog will look into the new report format that we have created in more detail and discuss some of the decisions we made around the report. Hopefully it can also provide some help in understanding all that new data from those of you either moving up from the earlier version or new to the service. We using our demo project for this little exercise.

And remember - we need your feedback in order to improve it further! Send us an email or reach out on twitter with your suggestions on how we can make AidHedge better. The most useful comments will be greatly rewarded (we will implement them right away!)

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Progress report - Connecting to IATI

From an early stage we have had the ambition to connect AidHedge to IATI. For some time now we have explored how to do this technically, and also what it will help us to do. The analyses that are possible would be really powerful. It would enable us to provide our tool to thousands of aid-projects directly. And also do some other really amazing stuff as well, like to visualise financial risk in aid to an entire country or sector. Or see the actual outcome of all those currency transactions aggregated! IATI has data for thousands of past, present and future aid projects and we hope to (very very soon!) run all that data through AidHedge! Here is a progress report of our work. We will update you as we go along!

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The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data is an open, independent, multi-stakeholder network harnessing the data revolution for sustainable development. AidHedge is part of this network by committing to create an online service that enables everyone to understand how aid projects are affected by changes in currency rates.

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We have just implemented our currency risk analysis tool. If you would like to request a demo or discover more, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!